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Syllable, AtheOS Kelly Wilson ported the Gnash Flash player clone to Syllable [screenshot], enabling the playing of Adobe Flash content. It uses the Boost C++ libraries, the SDL and Anti-Grain Geometry libraries for graphics rendering and FFMPEG for multimedia decoding. Work on the player is continuing to add the FreeType library and make the player native to Syllable, so it can be integrated in the web browser. Also, on some Adobe Flash news, an upcoming update will be supporting native h.264 videos, HE-AAC audio support, as well as hardware accelerated, multi-core enhanced full screen video playback.
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h.264 videos, HE-AAC
by hechacker1 on Tue 21st Aug 2007 16:08 UTC
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Although I support an open source flash, it seems programs like Gnash have always been one step behind whatever Adobe releases. h.264 and HE-AAC adds one more incompatibility to all the open source flash alternatives.

h.264 video will make flash videos truly HD capable now, I can only hope that websites, especially youtube, increase the resolution and bit rate of their videos. The current state of flash driven video on the internet sucks due to bandwidth issues. And the "Pro" codec for flash video is On2 Vp6 which is still blocky at high bitrates/resolutions. Here is some of my internal testing of getting the most out of current flash technology:

I will be deleting the top two links shortly ;)

HE-AAC with a good encoder will save some space in the flash videos compared to mp3, but I am waiting to see multichannel/subtitle support.

@mmu_man: I prefer flv videos due to the fact that it currently provides the most compatibility to reach a large audience. The flv player I use doesn't require me to have anything else but the flv video and swf player. And the html is very simple to implement into any website. The old method of bringing up a separate stream or avi, or rm, or mov, or ... Well, there were so many delivery methods and so many incompatible players. Flash gets around the problem for most users.

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RE: h.264 videos, HE-AAC
by spikeb on Tue 21st Aug 2007 18:22 in reply to "h.264 videos, HE-AAC"
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uh, they're always behind by design. you can't be a clone of something and lead in the development, and you can't just make new codec features up out of the blue when you aren't the one who defines the spec. duh.

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RE: h.264 videos, HE-AAC
by dylansmrjones on Tue 21st Aug 2007 20:10 in reply to "h.264 videos, HE-AAC"
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Nice collection of HQ resolution Flash movies - just too bad that the collection includes 911 conspiracies...

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RE[2]: h.264 videos, HE-AAC
by __xodam__ on Tue 21st Aug 2007 22:00 in reply to "RE: h.264 videos, HE-AAC"
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And why is that ?

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