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Linspire "Freespire, the free as in beer version of the Linspire Linux distribution, this month released Freespire 2.0, the first version of the operating system based on the popular Ubuntu distribution, and the first to contain proprietary codecs and drivers. Despite its attractive appearance, it left me with mixed feelings."
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by Mage66 on Tue 21st Aug 2007 19:43 UTC
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I don't know if Linspire/Freespire are dead...

But, I'm not the proponent of the OS that I used to be. The broken promises after broken promises have just got to me...

Broken promises I said?


1. Lindows would be Windows Compatible Linux Distribution allowing seamless operation of Windows Software WITHOUT a Windows license. Broken.

2. Give us $100.00 and we'll make you a lifetime CNR member. Ok... But, CNR isn't working in the latest releases of Linspire and Freespire. So how can I download and install all the software I paid for? (See below).

3. I paid for DVD software TWICE (original and PowerDVD). Can't download them because CNR isn't working yet.

4. I paid for an MP3 program they created to make a nice Jukebox. It isn't supported past Linspire 5.0.

5. Thy changed to Ubuntu and asked us to hold on... The change would be worth it. I'm holding on... But the person who told me to hold on, didn't...

I'm not a Microsoft Fanboy... But, so far Microsoft has a better record of keeping promises and delivering on them than most all of the Alternate OS companies. Only Apple is better than Microsoft, because they usually deliver MORE than they tell you, and the OS gets faster with each point release, instead of slower. I can STILL run MacOS X 10.4 on a G3 350 Blue and White.

I can't run Vista on my Pentium 233mhz Sony VAIO or my AMD K6-2 500mhz "BeBox".

I'm disappointed. The change to Ubuntu doesn't seem to make sense. I prefer Linspire 5.0 and a working CNR with all the apps I paid for, to the current NO-CNR, No Apps I paid for Linspire 6.0/Freespire 2.0.

I've tried MEPIS, and didn't like it.

I like PCLinuxOS, and haven't heard anything about STUX.

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RE: *sigh!*
by Anonymous Penguin on Tue 21st Aug 2007 22:10 in reply to "*sigh!*"
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I couldn't agree more, including the bit about OS X.

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RE: *sigh!*
by snozzberry on Tue 21st Aug 2007 22:47 in reply to "*sigh!*"
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While I love Mac OS X and was capable of running 10.2 on a 330MHz G4 (souped-up 1995 PowerMac 7500), it does not get faster with every release. You're also about to find that Leopard won't run very well on a G3, if at all.

The change to Kubuntu was simple. Ubuntu already laid most of Linspire's groundwork for them as far as making Debian into a suitable consumer desktop OS is concerned, and work with a more modern version of the Debian base than Debian stable. All Linspire had to do was add licensed codecs and finetune the choice of applications.

The backlash comes from the realization that Linspire doesn't add enough value to Kubuntu to justify its price tag. Had Linspire built their own distro from the ground up (not from Debian) there would be a plausible sense of brand to compare, the way SuSE, RH, Gentoo and Debian constitute actual distros with comparable strengths and weaknesses.

But they weren't built from hardcore geeks with a specific mission, they were built from venture capitalists who thought the GPL was a license to print money on the achievements of others.

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RE[2]: *sigh!*
by Mage66 on Wed 22nd Aug 2007 14:53 in reply to "RE: *sigh!*"
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MacOS X does INDEED get faster with each point release. I wouldn't have said it, if it did not... and if there weren't independant verification it did.

Leopard isn't out yet, so to say that it won't run on G3 Systems is besides the point. Vista won't run on Pentium, Pentium 2 systems...

But, 10.4 (which is the CURRENT OS) DOES run on a G3. I think that's commendable since the G3 line was discontinued some years ago.

Linspire 5.0 was fine. It just needed the newest Kernel, updated drivers, and more tweaks/upgrades.

The move to Ubuntu as a core, was a step backwards IMHO. MEPIS realized it, and the next release WON'T be Ubuntu based.

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