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Linspire "Freespire, the free as in beer version of the Linspire Linux distribution, this month released Freespire 2.0, the first version of the operating system based on the popular Ubuntu distribution, and the first to contain proprietary codecs and drivers. Despite its attractive appearance, it left me with mixed feelings."
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The issues I had
by Anonymous Penguin on Tue 21st Aug 2007 22:05 UTC
Anonymous Penguin
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First of all, I haven't tried Freespire, but I did try Linspire 6.0 (I paid for a lifetime membership many years ago). I suppose they are very similar.
I forgot to uncheck "install GRUB to MBR" (or something to that effect). I use Acronis OS Selector, and after installing Linspire, GRUB kept regenarating itself countless times, even after deleting the OS: a nightmare.
In the end I solved the problem by issuing the following command:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdx bs=446 count=1
for each of my Hard Drives (3)
There is no way known to me to configure a working pppoe. That problem didn't exist when Linspire was based on Debian.

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