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Linspire "Freespire, the free as in beer version of the Linspire Linux distribution, this month released Freespire 2.0, the first version of the operating system based on the popular Ubuntu distribution, and the first to contain proprietary codecs and drivers. Despite its attractive appearance, it left me with mixed feelings."
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I tried Freespire from the liveCD and my response was 'meh.' One thing I've noticed over the years is that most KDE distros differ marginally. SuSE, Kubuntu and even Slax are pretty difficult to tell apart outside of how their control panels are organized and which package manager they use.

What shines is KDE, not the particular distro. KDE synergizes together applications in a Windows-like manner, not the distro. KDE provides the excellent printer setup and camera: schema, not the distro. All of this is great, but it comes with a performance price that owners of legacy hardware may not appreciate.

If there's something that was really Linspire-specific you were impressed by, let us know.

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To my mind KDE by default sucks. I find KDE in Kubuntu and Debian just awful and extremely ugly. I still think that Kubuntu in comparison with the new Freespire looks half baked.
To repeat my point. I am not a KDE man and KDE does not shine for me (I use Gnome), bet KDE in Freespire is really polished and looks quite decent. The only distros that can be compared to that are SuSE and PCLOS.

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Well, I totally disagree that "KDE by default sucks"
Take an unmodified KDE as it comes from and I find it the best DE of any OS (IMHO).
But then I agree that Kubuntu has badly crippled KDE, while the Freespire, PCLOS and SUSE ones are really polished. SUSE in particular has been famous through the years for its nice implementations of KDE.

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"If there's something that was really Linspire-specific you were impressed by, let us know."

Cool request. It's those subtle variations in distros you mention that make what they do cool. Take OpenSuse's "gecko" button and F/Linspires button for example, they are just cooler looking than the K-gear. OpenSuse also lays out the menu's in a nice way. Their many many respositories are a nightmare though. Give me K/Ubuntu's repositories over those anyday. OpenSuse makes networking a pain in the rear too compared to K/Ubuntu & F/Linspire. That's sad too because one would think networking is OpenSuse's strong suit - perhaps its too strong and that's my problem.

So eyecandy is what I'd like to see for K/Ubuntu, I just can't stand the "K"gear start button.

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