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Linux It is not too surprising that Ubuntu came in first in's 2007 Desktop Linux Market Survey, or that Firefox was the topmost browser by far. More interesting is that for the first time ever in the site's annual surveys, GNOME surpassed KDE among desktop environments (45% over 35%), with Xfce a solid third (8%).
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RE[2]: KDE/Gnome
by aseigo on Thu 23rd Aug 2007 05:26 UTC in reply to "RE: KDE/Gnome"
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> Could we just drop the meaningless KDE vs GNOME
> wars?

that i agree with.

> They're both bloated

that just betrays your own ignorance.

> and none of them can do something the other one
> can't.

but this takes the cake. please compare changelogs for the last 5 years and see how consistently gnome changelogs tend to contain things that kde has had for quite some time. remember the whole printing bruhaha? yeah, that was over things kde did for years that gnome couldn't. and let's not even start down the road of amarok, kalzium, marble or many of the other apps that simply do not have real analogs elsewhere in the free software ecosystem.

connivingly ignoring the differences is what causes people to bitch and moan. you say "there is no difference!" well, there is. as soon as people cop to that fact then people can all go their separate ways happy with their personal choices and we can start ending the arguments.

as long as people make stupid statements like "there are no differences!" there will be arguments. accept that your choices are not pan-superior and may even, *gasp*, be inferior in ways but that as your choice it's what you like and that's all the reason you need.

in case the above is hard to understand, let me state it more plainly: people such as yourself making comments such as yours do not help. in fact, they are a primary source of the problems you rail against.

> For all the useless "just disk space waiting" KDE
> apps, GNOME has an alternative, so that's nether a
> valid argument

wow. try living up to your own words before proscribing them to others.

besides being innaccurate, your sentence above doesn't line up with the message of the rest of your comment. besides being out of line with reality, it also ignores the needs of those who happen to prefer kde.

> general purpose desktop system is growing in
> popularity

i think so.

of course, it could also be that is growing in popularity, but i think your call here is right based on other trends that can be seen elsewhere.

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by Hiev on Thu 23rd Aug 2007 13:29 in reply to "RE[2]: KDE/Gnome"