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Linux It is not too surprising that Ubuntu came in first in's 2007 Desktop Linux Market Survey, or that Firefox was the topmost browser by far. More interesting is that for the first time ever in the site's annual surveys, GNOME surpassed KDE among desktop environments (45% over 35%), with Xfce a solid third (8%).
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RE: Gnome vs KDE
by shapeshifter on Thu 23rd Aug 2007 06:29 UTC in reply to "Gnome vs KDE"
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Definitely Ubuntu played a major role (if not THE role) in putting Gnome ahead of KDE. I just can't wait KDE's response.

Of course.
If you take the 30% that Ubuntu has and subtract it from Gnome then Gnome would only have about 15%.
Even more interestingly, give the 30% to KDE and it has 65% of the desktop share.
Ubuntu basically put Gnome on the map.

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RE[2]: Gnome vs KDE
by superstoned on Thu 23rd Aug 2007 07:35 in reply to "RE: Gnome vs KDE"
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though Ubuntu was important for Gnome, I think your numbers are a bit 'weird statistics'...

I think these numbers simply show how Gnome finally catched up with KDE, the latter not having a release for 2 years now... I think it's pretty realistic to say the latest Gnome is pretty equivalent to the latest KDE. 2.20 might be a bit more usable, KDE 3.5.x might have a few more features, but overall - each is approximately as good as the other one. Of course, I expect KDE 4 to change that ;-)

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RE[3]: Gnome vs KDE
by SlackerJack on Thu 23rd Aug 2007 09:09 in reply to "RE[2]: Gnome vs KDE"
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KDE4 may well catch up because it's more simplified and Ubuntu people like this, thats why they like GNOME. I wouldn't expect KDE4 to blitz GNOME, people like what they are used to and have grown fond of GNOME.

2.22 will be much better in regard to artwork and presentation, I hope to make them seen sense with new ideas.

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