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Linux It is not too surprising that Ubuntu came in first in's 2007 Desktop Linux Market Survey, or that Firefox was the topmost browser by far. More interesting is that for the first time ever in the site's annual surveys, GNOME surpassed KDE among desktop environments (45% over 35%), with Xfce a solid third (8%).
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Gnome is back
by madko on Thu 23rd Aug 2007 08:59 UTC
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I hope this will bring back gnome into Slackware, please Pat

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RE: Gnome is back
by superstoned on Thu 23rd Aug 2007 11:55 in reply to "Gnome is back"
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The reason he dumped gnome had nothing to do with its popularity, but with the fact he wasted a huge amount off his time getting it to build. If the Gnomes fix their build system, he might add it back. They should consider CMAKE, imho, though their NIH syndrome won't allow that, I'm afraid.

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RE[2]: Gnome is back
by SlackerJack on Thu 23rd Aug 2007 12:07 in reply to "RE: Gnome is back"
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Well KDE used the new tools like CMAKE mainly for crossplatform reasons I read(one of the main reasons for using dbus as well).

Personally I dont see the big deal with porting to Windows, fine the applications(which GTK has already) but the desktop i'm not a big fan of waste resources on that to port the entire DE.

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RE[2]: Gnome is back
by KugelKurt on Thu 23rd Aug 2007 12:55 in reply to "RE: Gnome is back"
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I'm not sure if GNOME suffers from NIH. GNOME has lots of external dependencies (Mozilla code in Epiphany for example).
KDE OTOH has very few external dependencies and the KDE guys are proud of that (IIRC besides Qt only some XML parser, and some compression libs).

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