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Linux It is not too surprising that Ubuntu came in first in's 2007 Desktop Linux Market Survey, or that Firefox was the topmost browser by far. More interesting is that for the first time ever in the site's annual surveys, GNOME surpassed KDE among desktop environments (45% over 35%), with Xfce a solid third (8%).
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by pfsams on Thu 23rd Aug 2007 10:09 UTC
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As a MS refugee, I'm pleased to have the choice of desktop enviroments. When starting with Linux four years ago, I only used KDE, however at this point, GNOME works well for me. I have an old laptop that works well with XFCE, or a light install of KDE, of course Fluxbox and Icewm are lighter, but a bit too sparse for me. I've read many opinions that the choices in Linux hinders it's adoption, but having the choices have been what has caused me to abandon MS, as GNU/Linux is so versitle for average users such as myself. I would argue that the many choices available in free software is a benefit for those comming from MS, even for new users. Anyone first using a new OS will find it a bit confusing, Windows included. What I think gets lost in these discussions is the fact that Linux is very user friendly, whether it is with KDE, GNOME or other desktop enviroment. I think too often we become too defensive about Linux, when the "unwashed" complain about a game, video card, or (insert rant here) doesn't work out of the box. The diversity in Linux is it's greatest benefit. Where else can you find the wealth and shear number of applications from the very simple to the very complex. We have tools and choices that no other OS offers, including desktop enviroments, distributions, and applications. For the casual computer user that uses the internet, email, and general multimedia and word processing, Linux is by far the easiest OS to use, people just get too hung up over issues that are nothing more than a "tempest in a teapot."

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