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Window Managers EDE 1.0.4 is a new version of EDE (Equinox Desktop Environment) which brings full FreeBSD support, various bugfixes and new features. The Equinox Desktop Environment is a small desktop environment, built to be simple, to have a familiar look and feel and to be reasonably fast.
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xpde anyone?
by kwanbis on Thu 1st Sep 2005 23:15 UTC
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RE: xpde anyone?
by on Fri 2nd Sep 2005 00:49 in reply to "xpde anyone?"
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No sorry...

> [xpde] tries to make easier for Windows XP users to use a
> Linux box. Nothing more, no clipboard compatibility
> between Gtk and Qt applications, no emulation of
> Windows applications, no unification on the widgets of
> X applications, just a desktop environment.

If their goal is making life easier for XP-to-Linux movers then the second sentence means they're failing right at the beginning.

- Morin

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RE: xpde anyone?
by chip_0 on Fri 2nd Sep 2005 06:28 in reply to "xpde anyone?"
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"xpde anyone?"

Oh but whats the point? XPDE aims at providing a very close to Windows XP style GUI for users who just can't get used to anything different.

EDI is not really trying to be as close to win9x as possible. It maintains similiarities in its taskbar, menu style and some functionality, but what it really aims for is to provide a complete desktop environment for people with old computers. Its actually quite nice and usable.

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