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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris The second beta of Mandriva Linux 2008, codenamed Galilee, is now available. The release notes are available here. A guide to major new features (some of which are not yet implemented in this beta) is available here, and the detailed technical specifications are available here. This beta is available as a three CD or one DVD Free edition (containing no non-free software or drivers) for the x86-32 and x86-64 architectures, with a traditional installer. Future betas will be available in One live/install CD hybrid editions with proprietary drivers.
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RE: Mandriva vs Fedora ?
by Excel Hearts Choi on Sun 26th Aug 2007 16:40 UTC in reply to "Mandriva vs Fedora ?"
Excel Hearts Choi
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With all due respect to the Mandriva people, what do Mandriva provide that Fedora doesn't ?

Hey Caraibes,

I recognize you from Anyways, KDE integration with Fedora is pretty bad. You manually have to run Pup to keep your system up to date, while under Gnome you will get a notice saying there updates to download. There are no QT equivalents to Pirut/Pup. I understand that this is the first release with KDE as part of the official release. I really don't know how to describe the difference between Fedora and Mandriva with respect to KDE except to say that it seems KDE was an afterthought with Fedora. Hopefully, they will do a better job as Fedora puts out newer releases. Also, nothing beats the Mandriva control center. It is too bad that only PCLinuxOS is the only other distribution that incorporates this feature. If you are into KDE, Mandriva is a much better choice.


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RE[2]: Mandriva vs Fedora ?
by Caraibes on Sun 26th Aug 2007 17:30 in reply to "RE: Mandriva vs Fedora ?"
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Well, both answers make sense... I realize that the situation seen from a KDE user makes Mandriva more attractive.

I am a Gnome user, and I sometimes use Fluxbox on lighter system... So I didn't take the KDE factor in consideration, so both of you guys have a valid point...

I must admit using Fedora only in my main box (because it is simply the best in that particular assembling of hardware), and Debian Stable on all y other desktops...

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