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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris The second beta of Mandriva Linux 2008, codenamed Galilee, is now available. The release notes are available here. A guide to major new features (some of which are not yet implemented in this beta) is available here, and the detailed technical specifications are available here. This beta is available as a three CD or one DVD Free edition (containing no non-free software or drivers) for the x86-32 and x86-64 architectures, with a traditional installer. Future betas will be available in One live/install CD hybrid editions with proprietary drivers.
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RE: Mandriva still very relevant
by croco on Sun 26th Aug 2007 20:48 UTC in reply to "Mandriva still very relevant"
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> In case you have not noticed, Mandriva(Texstar Edition) is #2 on the
> Distrowatch hit list

Ehm... Are you sure about this? This is what I see in the Page Hit Ranking table for default setting, 6 months:

Rang Distribution H.P.D*
1 Ubuntu 2620<
2 PCLinuxOS 2464>
3 openSUSE 1476<
4 Fedora 1331<
5 Sabayon 1160>
6 Debian 1026<
7 Mint 986<
8 MEPIS 943<
9 Mandriva 780>

It looks almost the same for the other time ranges. I can remember times when it was on #2. Now Mandriva gGoing down constantly :-(

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MamiyaOtaru Member since:

2 PCLinuxOS 2464>

What do you think he meant by Mandriva(Texstar Edition)? You might want to brush up on the origins of PCLinuxOS.

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croco Member since:

PCLinuxOS is a fork of Mandrake Linux 9.2. Since 2003 it has not much to do with Mandrake and even less with Mandriva.

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