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OSNews, Generic OSes The earliest OSNews articles and news postings have not been available online in many years, as they were mostly static HTML, and when we made the switch over to our v1 CMS, I just filed it away on my hard drive. But to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, let's take a peek at what was hot in the OS world in 1997. Visit our OSNews 1997 archive. We have some feature articles, opinion pieces, and a fascinating view of several days of daily news frozen in time (and chock full of dead links). Take some time to look it over. On an unrelated note, Read More if you are in, or have contacts in, the graphic design world and would like to help OSNews.
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The Way Back Machine is your friend... Just prefix*/ to any of the dead links there, and (hopefully) you'll get to see the content.

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From the link above for the Internet Archive Wayback Machine..

Data Retrieval Failure.

We're sorry. We were unable to retrieve the requested data. We may be experiencing technical difficulties and suggest that you try again later.
See the FAQs for more info and help, or contact us.


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Also, do bear in mind that there is no backup of the Internet Archive. This is a basement run project using entirely legacy hardware. If a hard disk dies, that's a whole chunk of Internet history lost right there. Scary when you think about it.

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