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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "This article will briefly discuss the new features found within Gutsy Gibbon and hopefully give you a better idea of what to expect when the final version of Gutsy Gibbons is released in October. Some of the more notable new features are a Graphical Configuration tool for X, improvements in plug-in handling for Mozilla Firefox, revamped printing system with PDF printing by default, fast user switching, new desktop search (Tracker) application and the new AppArmor security framework."
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Looks nice
by quenturi on Tue 28th Aug 2007 00:32 UTC
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The Ubuntu project does obviously a very good job with their 'main' distro: Ubuntu.
It's just a shame they don't put the same energy into the two other projects: kubuntu and xubuntu which are, despite the efforts of the communities involved, completely left over and way behind Ubuntu, the gnome distro.

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RE: Looks nice
by Obscurus on Tue 28th Aug 2007 05:48 in reply to "Looks nice"
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I don't see why they should put any effort into anything other than Ubuntu. So much depends on the DE, that the DE, and the way it is customised, is really an integral part of what gives an operating system its character. If communities peripheral want to work on Kubuntu and Xubuntu and whatever *ubuntu you care to think of, that is fine, but it dilutes the core focus of the Ubuntu project if the main devs were to work on them. Ubuntu is getting to the point where it feels like a cohesive operating system rather than a hodgepodge of FOSS loosely bundled together like most distros are, and this would be jeopardised if the Ubuntu team were to commit too much time to other variants.

I actually like XFCE over Gnome, but the default Xubuntu desktop does not appeal to me at all. Ubuntu does nice things with Gnome that not many other distros manage to achieve.

I have no problem with Kubuntu being left behind in the dust, as I'm not a big fan of KDE. They should Kubuntu look as similar to the default Gnome Ubuntu as possible if they want it to go anywhere - as it is it just looks like a generic KDE distro with no real distinguishing features.

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