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Apple AT&T and Apple may face an uphill battle prosecuting hackers who untether the iPhone from the AT&T wireless network, says BusinessWeek. While in USA legal problems might arise, in Canada the scene is alive and well. We received word that PureMobile will offer unlocked iPhones to its customers, and will soon be hosting a competition to give some away for free.
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-Have to unlock iPhone every time you sync with iTunes.
-Visual VoiceMail will not work.
-Future Apple Applications may not work.
-$600 for an unsupported iPhone with no warranty.
-Current applications may stop working when updated.

It's just not worth it.

Time will tell...

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sultanqasim Member since:

Time will tell - true. But why are you so sure Apple will pursue stopping this. Though Apple will not admit it (because of AT&T), unlocked iPhones are in Apples interest. More customers = more $ for them. AT&T can't say anything because Apple isnt unlocking the phones themselves.

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Lets not forget that only Apple can change your battery.

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Off topic I know, but in the UK many exam boards require you to remove the battery from your phone in addition to turning them off and leaving them at the front

I wonder how they will deal with iphones :-)

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It just goes to show that vender lock in's only benefit the multimillion /$ coorperations.

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