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Editorial I hear often that when something new appears that "competition is good". The primary reasons competition is seen as good, are: it drives down prices; it gives consumers more choice; it pushes technology forward, quicker. Competition is not good because: competition is why consumers have to choose between HD-DVD and BluRay; competition is why DRM exists; and more. In this article, each of the supposed benefits of competition will be looked at in more detail.
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Competition IS Bad
by yachp on Thu 30th Aug 2007 15:32 UTC
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Like everything in life competition has its good and bad points. The problem is that in our society we treat competition as if it is the holy grail. As if it is the goal in and of itself.

Everything in society is done by competition. We compete in school. We compete in the workforce. We compete against each other. In my opinion one of the reasons why this world is so screwed is that it is based on competition instead of something more appropriate like cooperation.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't have competition. Just that it shouldn't be the focus of everything. Society would be much better off if as a basic tenet we focused on cooperation instead of competition.

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