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Editorial I hear often that when something new appears that "competition is good". The primary reasons competition is seen as good, are: it drives down prices; it gives consumers more choice; it pushes technology forward, quicker. Competition is not good because: competition is why consumers have to choose between HD-DVD and BluRay; competition is why DRM exists; and more. In this article, each of the supposed benefits of competition will be looked at in more detail.
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This is kinda silly because my experience with Amiga is classical example why non-diversity lost. Amiga might been superior in same area of technology, but it was also expensive, had quality issue and suffered bad decision of company. Amiga simply lost because it couldn't meet the demands of people and couldn't lean down the costs. Business wanted something that Amiga couldn't offer, cheap and choices. Nazis had superior tanks against Russians but they still lost because what war needed was cheap and good enough tank. Overall whole article is confusing, you should read history and study financing before you go make this kind silly articles.

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