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FreeBSD "Welcome to the home page of the finstall project, accepted for Google's Summer of Code 2007. This project aims to create a user-friendly graphical installer for FreeBSD & FreeBSD-derived systems. The project should yield something usable for 7.0-RELEASE, but the intention is to keep it as a "second" installer system during 7.x, alongside sysinstall. In any case, sysinstall will be kept for architectures not supported by finstall (e.g. all except i386 and amd64)." A first version has been released.
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RE: Keep on the good work!
by stormloss on Fri 31st Aug 2007 11:09 UTC in reply to "Keep on the good work!"
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What are these mysterious benign "developers" as you refer to them as? system code hackers?! system box builders?! what?

PC-BSD is a project based on FreeBSD with a KDE GUI that aims to work out of the box for end users with support, what is the animus against that?

End users need as much choice as they can get
from the MS bottle neck.
These vague "developers" as you call them will use what ever tool they so desire anyway.

How can any project (be it Finstall, DesktopBSD, PC_BSD) that makes long repetitive tasks easy be called "superfluous"?
Maybe in your mind it offends the oh so great UNIX godz for purity, but has no basis in reality.

Go ahead mod me down with your multiple accounts pseudonyms ;)

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