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OS/2 and eComStation The second release candidate of eComStation 2.0 has been released. "This is the sixth public beta release of eComStation 2.0. This product is available for download to all registered eCS customers with active Software Subscription Services (see this explanation). This version of eComStation 2.0 is the second Release Candidate, no big changes or additions will be added before the GA version, it mainly consists of updates to drivers and installation scripts."
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Still might buy the release
by DoctorPepper on Sun 2nd Sep 2007 16:23 UTC
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I used OS/2 2.11 and 3.0, many years ago, and loved them both.

I am thinking seriously about buying the release when it comes out. I have an older computer (1.7 GHz Celeron/512 MB RAM) to put it on, and I'd just love to have OS/2 running on my home network again.

I really wish IBM had marketed OS/2 better, back in the early 90's. The (computer) world might be very different today.

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I really wish IBM had marketed OS/2 better, back in the early 90's. The (computer) world might be very different today.

OS/2 was so much better than anything available from Microsoft (which was Windows 3.1+ for most of it's run - thru Warp 3.0/1994). Sadly... I say this in hindsight as I look back with some regret.

Alot of people blame marketing issues but I don't really think anyone can market an alternative OS when computers at the time came bundled with DOS and Win3.1 (later Win9x) and everyone else was locked out of the supply chain. Despite this, OS/2 made significant gains in areas that required the most secure and robust of systems such as banking (ie, businesses that actually made comparative evaluations as oppose to reading pop tech mags).

For most other users, many (like myself) were transitioning from DOS and we already had a *free* Win3x on our systems. With these two options available, it was difficult to justify spending extra for a system that was fundamentally different even with the promise of compatibility.

I agree with your possible outcome. I think that if Microsoft had to market Win3x on an equal footing with OS/2, they would've been pwned. We might be seeing eComStation selling Win9x today.

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