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Opera Software Opera has released an alpha build of their upcoming 9.5 release. "Following the release of Opera 9 last year, we re-wrote Opera's rendering engine for the coming Opera 9.5 release. As a result, Opera 9.5 contains more than a year's worth of speed, standards and performance improvements."
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RE[4]: a few niggles
by kaiwai on Wed 5th Sep 2007 01:11 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: a few niggles"
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Also, just to add to my previous reply - Bloated was your words, not mine.

Next time show a little respect and read peoples posts properly before putting people down for them

You actually said:

3) it's a little bit too resource hungry.

If you didn't want that interpretation mangle beyond what intended then you should have stated something to the effect, "I, however, do not mean that Opera is bloated, but I am surprised as to the amount of resources which Opera consumes " - I assume you're making the statement with no comparison to an existing browser.

To me, it sounds like you were complaining that Opera was bloated. If that wasn't your intention then should you clearly state it in your post - that you're not saying it is bloated, just that resource usage seems a higher than what one would expect.

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RE[5]: a few niggles
by Laurence on Wed 5th Sep 2007 09:24 in reply to "RE[4]: a few niggles"
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Or perhaps maybe you just shouldn't jump to conclusions?

I just find it highly irritating that usually i'm the one leading the advocating for Opera on this site yet the one time i post a couple slight annoyances i've recently come across, I get jumped on by yourself rather than given constrictive advice to improve my expeience

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