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Linspire In a short story with a happy ending, the developer of a free version of Linspire called Freespire has agreed to change the name of his project, and Linspire is offering free copies of Linspire Linux for a few days. Freespire, which first popped up on Distrowatch last week, described itself as a free variant of Linspire Linux, with proprietary components and trademarks removed.
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Free Version?
by on Sat 3rd Sep 2005 00:09 UTC

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"As a Linspire user it confuses me why they sell the program in the first place because CnR is what sets it apart. Well that and not having all the server apps and other processes running in the background.

I've thought from day 1 d/load versions of the program should always be free and they make their money from CnR subscriptions."

They have to charge something. If you want to sell your product in retail - both parties need to make some sort of profit. Lets take Fry's for example. Why would they put Linspire on their shelves if the customer can get it for free? What is in it for them? If a company like Linspire wants to be pre-installed on PC's sold at stores like Fry's, they have to charge something.

CNR is the real source of income for Linspire, but they have to get those PC's out there so that people will discover and sign up for CNR. It is basic Business. Microsoft knew the value of having their product in the stores. That is why they have such a stranglehold on that market. It is extremely difficult to get any retail outlet to do any business with anyone other than Microsoft approved vendors.

Giving these free coupons does help people try out and see how Linspire works on their system. The real push forward for Linspire is from people who purchase a PC at the store that has Linspire pre-installed on it. The real push for any Linux distros is having their Linux product pre-installed and sold in a retail outlet store such as Fry's, Best Buy....

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