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Opera Software Opera has released an alpha build of their upcoming 9.5 release. "Following the release of Opera 9 last year, we re-wrote Opera's rendering engine for the coming Opera 9.5 release. As a result, Opera 9.5 contains more than a year's worth of speed, standards and performance improvements."
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RE[7]: a few niggles
by Dave_K on Wed 5th Sep 2007 11:30 UTC
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Yeah, as I said, it's a personal preference ;) And I know I am not one of the majority,

The way you put it, listing it as a problem and describing it as 'a waste of space and time', you made it sound like you considered it to be a fault; something badly designed in Opera that could and should be improved.

I'm not happy with the default Opera settings myself and heavily reconfigure it before use. The first thing I do is turn off the tab bar, set pages to cascade rather than maximise, and then use the Window Panel to manage open pages. However, I'd never consider listing this as an Opera flaw.

In fact I'd actually argue against my preferences being made the default. I know that most people would find my configuration unpleasant to use compared with conventional tabbed browsing. I'm just happy that I can easily configure it exactly how I want; something that isn't true of any other browser I've tried.

Opera's defaults can't please everyone, so complaining that it doesn't work exactly how you like out of the box seems unreasonable to me. Especially when your preference is very unusual and has some pretty serious issues and limitations.

but well...In my opinion the best option would be similar to Mac OS X: you'd get the menu bar in the panel. But oh well...

I don't understand what you mean by this. Mac OS X provides a menubar at the top of the screen and that is used by every application. At least every application that complies with Apple's user interface guidelines...

That's arguably a better option than placing a menubar at the top of every window, but it doesn't really function differently from the one in a Windows app. Especially in a tabbed/MDI app like Opera, where the menubar is shared between multiple documents.

Most Mac OS X applications, including Opera, also provide toolbars and panels; surely that's the same duplication of functionality you were complaining about earlier? Unlike the Windows/Linux versions of Opera, I don't believe you can turn off the menubar in the Mac OS version.

Perhaps if you explained exactly what you want from Opera's UI, someone could suggest how to configure it to better meet your needs.

But I didn't know you can hide the menubar in Opera. I haven't browsed through the preferences, but since I haven't seen that option in ANY app before I just assumed it wouldn't be in Opera either.

Another option is to replace the menubar with a button on the toolbar that displays the menu when clicked. You can find ready made buttons to do that (and a lot of other things) here:

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