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Opera Software Opera has released an alpha build of their upcoming 9.5 release. "Following the release of Opera 9 last year, we re-wrote Opera's rendering engine for the coming Opera 9.5 release. As a result, Opera 9.5 contains more than a year's worth of speed, standards and performance improvements."
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Joe User is wrong
by hangman on Wed 5th Sep 2007 18:05 UTC in reply to "RE"
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@Joe User

Ask on the Opera forum. Opera Software ASA doesn't count on the desktop anymore for the core of their profit. They are on the desktop just "to be present", but they don't count on money generated by desktop market.

This is complete baloney.

You produce one single quote which supports your point! In fact, the question has been asked, and the answer has been clear: You are wrong.

Opera Software has clearly stated that the desktop is a key product which they expect to make good money from.

Never has anyone at Opera stated that they are on the desktop "just to be present". Never has anyone at Opera stated that they don't count on money generated by the desktop market.

On the contrary.

More than a quarter of their revenue comes from the desktop product. In the second quarter of 2007, desktop revenue increased more than 160 per cent (compared to a growth of about 140 per cent the quarters before that).

You didn't even answer the OP's question about how a product that has been in active development for more than a year means that they have "left the desktop".

Please stop making baseless claims and completely bogus statements.

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