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Gnome GNOME and GARNOME 2.20.0 Release Candidate are now available for download. "This is our ninth development release and first release candidate for GNOME 2.20.0, which will be released later this month. This release is the last before hard code freeze starts on september 10th."
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looks great!
by meandean on Fri 7th Sep 2007 11:34 UTC
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Looks great to me. Party-on Gnome!
Great to see EOG get a rewrite, didn't think file-roller could get much better - it performs like I expect a archive tool to perform, nice improvements in other apps, wish nautilus would stay on the slimmer side rather than pickup a lot of *features* but maybe it is time for a nautiluslim?

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RE: looks great!
by wurb on Fri 7th Sep 2007 12:11 in reply to "looks great!"
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Oh no, now you got me started! ;)

Yes, file-roller is able to extract archives...
But: When I open an archive and rightclick on something in there and choose copy, I'd expect I'd be able to paste it in a directory in the filemanager. When I'm able to drag stuff around I expect to be able to drop it somewhere. I can't do it in the same file-roller window, I can't do it in Nautilus. Only use is when I have two file-roller windows open, I can drag and drop between two archives (or the same archive). I wonder who uses a functionality like this.
Alltogether I'd rather have Nautilus being able to open and browse archives, I think that would be pretty elegant and would fit with the spatial philosophy quiet well.
I feel that it is also not the fastest app, even for gnome standards, which isn't the most hectic DE either. :p
But speed has always been adressed in the past releases. As I understand, lots of old and deprecated stuff gets left out over time, they just don't make a revolution out of it, instead work slowly and incremental towards that goal.
I'd rather have something revolutionary to look forward to like Kde4 with Gnome as well, otoh. it pretty much works as trusty everyday DE.

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RE[2]: looks great!
by meandean on Fri 7th Sep 2007 13:05 in reply to "RE: looks great!"
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Would you like it to make coffee too?

So what archive app do you feel is better than file-roller? Nothing beats file-roller for me.

Drag and drop works fine for me, so does copy and paste - from nautilus to file-roller and vice versa. I would rather have the file manager and the archive tool be seperate apps that work well together. I like a slim file manager.

Whats slow about it?

We had something revolutionary to look forward to a few years back when gnome 'broke the mold' and birthed 2.0 now we are just all waiting to see it 'brought up to speed' and they are doing a great job of it lately IMO.

Party on, Gnome!

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RE[2]: looks great!
by kmaraas on Tue 11th Sep 2007 08:11 in reply to "RE: looks great!"
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FYI nautilus just got XDS DnD support yesterday so dragging from file-roller should work now.

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