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Gnome GNOME and GARNOME 2.20.0 Release Candidate are now available for download. "This is our ninth development release and first release candidate for GNOME 2.20.0, which will be released later this month. This release is the last before hard code freeze starts on september 10th."
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RE: No interest in Gnome?
by segedunum on Fri 7th Sep 2007 13:12 UTC in reply to "No interest in Gnome?"
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Why are there so few comments in here? Has Gnome lost its momentum?

There's just not an awful lot of interesting stuff in the release, that's probably why. They haven't lost their momentum really, but the stuff that they can throw out every six months just isn't going to be spectacular. It's just a bunch of incremental improvements and a few bug fixes.

Personally, I think the set-in-stone six month, time based release cycle has hurt them. Yes, in terms of getting a new version out a time-based release is always going to get you a new release. However, what it doesn't guarantee you is that certain features will be in a certain release. What then tends to happen is that people keep putting off the difficult, long-term decisions because they feel that they can just put it off to a later release. There's also less of a long-term roadmap.

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RE[2]: No interest in Gnome?
by SlackerJack on Fri 7th Sep 2007 15:20 in reply to "RE: No interest in Gnome?"
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GNOME has always been about small incremental features anyway, nothing has changed. BTW the new artwork team has not long been setup so you should see alot of fruit from that in 2.22.

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