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Linspire In a short story with a happy ending, the developer of a free version of Linspire called Freespire has agreed to change the name of his project, and Linspire is offering free copies of Linspire Linux for a few days. Freespire, which first popped up on Distrowatch last week, described itself as a free variant of Linspire Linux, with proprietary components and trademarks removed.
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by on Sat 3rd Sep 2005 15:08 UTC

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Just for the record of course.

Freespire was just a project put together by one of the Insiders at the Linspire forums.Somehow it was released to distrowatch, and this whole thing started about the name, proprietory formats, whether or not it was Linspire, does Linspire support it etc etc etc..

The project name is now called "Squiggle" and is based on Linspire (w/out the 3rd party licensing infringemnts)

Linspire is completely supportive of Squiggle, they have no problem with its development. It reminds of all the Red Hat based distros that are out there.

Obviously it brought up the discussion at the highter levels and Linspire's marketing department that made it available for free this Labor Day Weekend.

The response as imagined is tremendous. The load on Linspire's servers was like nothing before. Their Web and IT teams worked yesterday and last night to resolve issues.

So if you are looking to download, please be patient whether by the torrent, ftp or http. There is still plenty of time.

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