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Internet & Networking The US Justice Department has said that internet service providers should be allowed to charge for priority traffic. The agency said it was opposed to 'network neutrality', the idea that all data on the net is treated equally. The comments put the agency at odds with companies such as Microsoft and Google, who have called for legislation to guarantee equal access to the net.
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RE[2]: hmmm
by porcel on Fri 7th Sep 2007 23:19 UTC in reply to "RE: hmmm"
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Of course, because Amusement Parks spring out of the blue every day, given the wide availability of cheap land everywhere.

And of course, capitalism works so well and companies are so nice that they would never think of bribing the local politicians so that they are the only game in town and no other company obtains a license to build an "amusement park".

Capitalism works some of the time under a healthy amount of regulation. There is this uneducated myth that the US is a bastion of unfettered capitalism, when the exact opposite is the truth.

Want to see unfettered capitalism and the invisible hand of the market? Look at the post-soviet economies that lacked any meaningful forms of regulation and engaged in a wild-west of unregulated unfettered capitalism. Result: corruption was rampant, the collapse of companies occurred daily and a general distrust of the market.

Capitalism in regulated markets such as those provided by most social democracies works far better than the naive capitalism that most people have in mind when they utter the word.

I am not ascribing to you, specifically, this type of thinking as, for all I know, you may be well aware of some of the points I have raised. Generally speaking, though, there is a tendency to overstate the generosity of the market and to understate the role of the state in making markets work.

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