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AMD The news already got out yesterday, but now it's official: AMD will open the specifications to its graphics chips. "AMD announced on Sept. 7 a major strategic change in open-source graphic processors support. The company announced it would provide open-source information and a development package supporting the ATI RadeonHD 2000 series ATI Radeon X1000 series of graphics processing units on Linux desktops." The new information is that AMD will partner with Novell's SUSE team.
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more information
by steampoweredlawn on Sat 8th Sep 2007 02:44 UTC
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according to this article (, it appears that AMD/ATI will work with Novell under NDA to discuss specifications, and from there release an open library that contains a good subset of features found on most cards, enabling basic 3D acceleration, suitable for compositing window managers or light graphics work. ATI will continue to publish a monthly closed-source driver, that will utilitize the card to it's fullest, giving better performance and all the newest bells and whistles.

If this pans out, I should think it wouldn't be too far-fetched to see a reasonably functional general purpose ATI driver included by default in most distributions that will accomplish most desktop tasks, with the closed source driver available to gamers and CAD/graphic designers.

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RE: more information
by Redeeman on Sat 8th Sep 2007 12:04 in reply to "more information"
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im not sure thats what i get from the announcement, but if this is really true, and that the devs of the free drivers wont be given every documentation needed, well then amd can go to hell as far as im concerned, and i will not buy their shit then.

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