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Geek stuff, sci-fi... Technologists and investors gather at the two-day Singularity Summit in San Francisco to discuss the benefits and risks of advancing artificial intelligence--and what to do in the event that machines one day out-think humans.
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Funny thing I was just catching up on IEC fusion.

I have seen some pretty junk science TV reporting on AI with some serious UK academic pundits and the TV presenters make the case look even worse than it already was.

If some Prof wants to fix his head with a chip, thats his choice but pretty soon the political idiots that govern us (UK/US) will get the idea we should all get chipped for security reasons right after a DNA submission. In a very real sense having cameras everywhere and getting your whereabouts tracked makes me wish to stay as far away from this sort of futuristic technology as possible.

As for fusion, I would bet that the Tokamak will never ever fly, its a forever research project, perhaps the Bussard or similar IEC project will work will but it seems to have its own critics.

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