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BeOS & Derivatives "The primary intention of my previous article was to make it very clear why and when locking is needed in multithreaded applications. In this article, I want to present my experiences in writing a new prototype for a replacement of the document model in WonderBrush and how it is manipulated and rendered asynchronously."
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favorite language / favorite OS
by stippi on Mon 10th Sep 2007 14:21 UTC
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2006-01-19 boils down to where any individual sees the pros and cons and how important they are to her/him. I am setting my hopes on Haiku, because no other OS currently satisfies me. This might sound crazy for most other people, but the point is that some do think like me. And there is a subset of those people who are developers and want to write great multi-threaded apps for Haiku. With those people, I want to share some experience, that's the whole point of my articles. It doesn't matter much to us that there is a programming language on a another platform, which might have some features that C++ does not have (built-in). The likelyhood is great that that language it has some cons as well. The API that is available on Haiku/BeOS (and Syllable) makes message passing and multithreading easy enough. Yes, there are issues that developers interested in writing apps for these platforms have to learn about, but that is were articles such as mine might help.

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