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Geek stuff, sci-fi... Technologists and investors gather at the two-day Singularity Summit in San Francisco to discuss the benefits and risks of advancing artificial intelligence--and what to do in the event that machines one day out-think humans.
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RE[2]: Pah!!!! leeeeeeeeez
by evangs on Mon 10th Sep 2007 16:12 UTC in reply to "RE: Pah!!!! leeeeeeeeez"
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It always annoys me when people state that. What they really mean is other peoples concepts of right and wrong differ from mine, and thus they must be wrong.

And how does that detract from the OP's point? If people cant even agree on what's right and what's wrong, I think that counts as being unable to tell the difference between right and wrong.

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RE[3]: Pah!!!! leeeeeeeeez
by dagw on Mon 10th Sep 2007 21:55 in reply to "RE[2]: Pah!!!! leeeeeeeeez"
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Right and Wrong are largely subjective terms. I can tell right from wrong, and I don't doubt that you are capable of the same, but I doesn't mean we'll agree on all points. Just because two people disagree as to if something is wrong or right doesn't mean one of them is unable to tell right from wrong. You cannot take objective measures of subjective terms

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