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AMD AMD has unveiled its first set of quad-core processors, three months after its original launch date. This 'complicated' design that resulted in the delay and puts the chip maker a full generation behind its archrival in terms of chip manufacturing processes.
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Welcom back
by SReilly on Mon 10th Sep 2007 16:22 UTC
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2006-12-28 the game, at least for now.

Reading about Barcelona in the tech news, you'd swear that it's a dud or something. ZDNet Asia has an article discussing the Barcelona benchmark results compared to Intel's quad core offering and It ain't looking as good as AMD had tauted. Still, early day's yet as AMD is sure to bump up the clock speed on these beauties.

It remains to be seen if AMD can use this architecture and run with it, hopefully building up an advantage and regaining some market share. Sure, Intel got there first but Intel's current quad core architecture is a bit of a hack, as it's only really two dual core processors 'stuck together'. Sure, Intel is developing a solution for both this issue and the lack of an onboard memory controller, but AMD have already resolved these issue.

In the end, I'm glad AMD chose a elegant design. We have all seen elegant fail compared to inelegant hacks, as inelegance tends to be cheaper. On the other hand, it seems that by choosing elegance, AMD are pushing Intel onto the same path.

Here is to competition! :-)

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RE: Welcom back
by vimh on Mon 10th Sep 2007 17:08 in reply to "Welcom back"
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I like the "elegant" design as well however, I'll take the "hack" if it turns out to be the better performer. We'll see how things go.

I haven't looked at any bench marks yet, but I wonder if AMD pulls ahead as you scale up with additional processors?

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RE[2]: Welcom back
by SReilly on Mon 10th Sep 2007 17:38 in reply to "RE: Welcom back"
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...but I wonder if AMD pulls ahead as you scale up with additional processors?

I'm kinda thinking the same thing. Alone the speed of minimizing the distance between the cores should be a factor, but you never know how these things pan out.

Intel has decided to go for the integrated design as well and if they can release a working integrated four core chip in the time frame that they have stated, AMD will be one full generation behind them, something we haven't seen for a long time.

But if Intel starts having the same problems as AMD had with Barcelona, we will probably see a good eight core processor release by AMD first.

No matter how it turns out though, a sixteen core x86-64 is only about three to five years away. I wonder how software houses are going to deal with the resulting processor based licensing nightmare? ;-)

It's all really exiting at the mo!

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RE[2]: Welcom back
by DittoBox on Mon 10th Sep 2007 17:42 in reply to "RE: Welcom back"
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You can take the hack now, if it works with four cores.

But what happens when we move to 8? Does the hack scale better? Does the elegant design scale better?

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