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BeOS & Derivatives "The primary intention of my previous article was to make it very clear why and when locking is needed in multithreaded applications. In this article, I want to present my experiences in writing a new prototype for a replacement of the document model in WonderBrush and how it is manipulated and rendered asynchronously."
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RE[2]: Sounds overly complicated
by Savior on Mon 10th Sep 2007 16:28 UTC in reply to "RE: Sounds overly complicated"
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The downside of single-threaded applications (or even single-threaded updating of the GUI) can clearly be seen in Windows, where such behaviour is very common.

Single-threaded behaviour results in this: On Windows XP, you can't even move a window on screen if it's single threaded application blocks on something.
A typical application window in Windows goes white under heavy load or under a longer process (liking unpacking an archive) because unpacking happens in the same thread as the GUI-updating.

While I agree with the statement about single threaded application completely, I fail to see the problem with the one GUI thread - many worker thread approach. And you did not explain that in your comment either.

I find it, once learned, easier to use, since you separate the presentation logic from the business logic clearly. If you have x threads in your application, each of which may or may not access the GUI, that can make the code much more difficult to understand.

As a sidenote, I have always found Windows applications quicker than Linux ones, at least on the GUI. And Linux applications are not free of the single threaded problem, either. Especially package managers: I have yet to see one that can update its screen properly while querying the package list. I have not used BeOS, but I will try Haiku as soon as it is ready; it would be nice to have an OS that is really desktop-oriented.

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