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AMD AMD has unveiled its first set of quad-core processors, three months after its original launch date. This 'complicated' design that resulted in the delay and puts the chip maker a full generation behind its archrival in terms of chip manufacturing processes.
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if only this were true in practice
by borker on Mon 10th Sep 2007 17:13 UTC
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a little OT, but from TFA:

"Choice is good, [and] customers should have choice. Let the best platform win," John Fruehe, worldwide business development manager for AMD's server and workstation division, said

If only this attitude were actually prevalent in the modern IT world and the market was allowed to play out as such

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It is true in practice. AMD had more market share with their new technology not that long ago. But the Core stuff from Intel took the lead back. Enthusiasts don't have much brand loyalty, they'll buy whatever is best!

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How true!

I used to be a big ChipZilla fan until it was time to upgrade. Before hand, I ran Athlon and AlthonXP processors and was very happy with them. I decided I wanted to go 64bit so I started to look into all options. At the time, Intel's Core2Duo range where the best chips on the market as far as performance, power efficiency and price where concerned. So I bought an E6600 and haven't looked back.

The fact remains that if AMD manages to beat Intel come time of my next major platform upgrade, I'm going to jump right back on the AMD wagon. No matter how much brand loyalty ChipZilla generated, or Intel generate, I'm still gonna spend money on the best solution come the time.

To do anything else would be just plain silly.

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"If only this attitude were actually prevalent in the modern IT world and the market was allowed to play out as such"

What do you mean? There are atleast 5 versions of Vista isn't it? 7 maybe?

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