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BeOS & Derivatives "The primary intention of my previous article was to make it very clear why and when locking is needed in multithreaded applications. In this article, I want to present my experiences in writing a new prototype for a replacement of the document model in WonderBrush and how it is manipulated and rendered asynchronously."
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But I sincerely think that C++ is a very bad choice as a language to write multithreaded applications.

Or whatever non HLL. We got it. Thanks.
Now, whatever the language, designing applications that scale well both on responsivness and computing raw power needs developers used to threading design patterns.
No language will know better than you what and where in your application it matter more to use parallelism and where it make no sense at all and, worst case, could even be counterproductive.

Parallelism doesn't oppose procedural language but sequential programming. Two different things. Some language can have built-in parallelism support, sure. And? Doesn't make any threading design pattern article automatically useless.

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