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In the News It does not happen every day that news related to computer technology - news we report on every day - makes its way to the headline news programs and newspapers here in my home country, The Netherlands. So when it does, I am usually on the edge of my seat, simply because it offers an interesting glimpse into how 'normal' people perceive our little world. The last few days, however, that casual interest has made way for something else - tooth gnashing irritation.
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it could have been said better....
by xeoron on Mon 10th Sep 2007 21:37 UTC
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But your windows programs might work under a different OS... using Wine on Unix related systems, such as Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux. So, the author was not wrong, just needed to say more.

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WINE is not a solution for most professionals who need an 100% stable/fast solution. I can't use Sony Vegas on WINE for example, and I would not do so either, even if it was deemed "somewhat compatible". I need every little bit of CPU power and RAM I can squeeze out of it because HD video editing is very intensive. And I need it to be MIGHTY stable.

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"because HD video editing is very intensive. "

Most people don't do HD video editing though.

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If you want a 100% stable/fast solution, then what are you doing with Windows in the first place?

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Then don't switch platform.

Don't switch to Linux, don't switch to OS X, and most of all - don't switch to Vista.

If your system works don't fix it. If it doesn't work there is nothing lost in trying alternatives.

The Consumers' Union is not recommending switching platforms. It is only recommending to look at them. Thom is misquoting the article. The Consumers' Union only recommend to take a look at OS X or Ubuntu Linux.

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If you really need every little bit of CPU power, you better check your program with Wine. In some cases, it works faster then on genuine windows. And in many cases it runs without any noticeable performance degradation.

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This is a very moot argument going forward...

Already you can "squeeze" more CPU and RAM for your Windows applications (Then Windows itself gives you) using wine, as long as you use a minimal window manager like black box. Wine already has faster performance for some things, and this trend is sure to grow as it matures. When were talking about the following 3 options:

1) Keep on switching to the latest Windows O.S.; and watch the compatibility for your older apps, slowly plummet.
2) Use older windows O.S., and be unable to use newer apps. (in 10 some years, your not going to be in a good position if your still using XP)
3) Use wine on Linux or Mac. And be delighted to see your older apps, slowly getting better performance and stability. While still being able to use newer applications.

I don't think it's insane to think someone might pick 3, because they care more about the direction something is going, then were its stuck at right now.

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