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In the News It does not happen every day that news related to computer technology - news we report on every day - makes its way to the headline news programs and newspapers here in my home country, The Netherlands. So when it does, I am usually on the edge of my seat, simply because it offers an interesting glimpse into how 'normal' people perceive our little world. The last few days, however, that casual interest has made way for something else - tooth gnashing irritation.
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RE: I hear this kind of thing
by steverez1 on Tue 11th Sep 2007 02:46 UTC in reply to "I hear this kind of thing"
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I have just had a situation like this a a business I do IT for some new employee's (right out of highschool) started complaining about Windows being propriortary and that we should switch the company over to Open Source.

I was even told from another employee that one was very smart with computers just like me (I was thinking oh great)

well, I had to set up his client pc so I met with him, he stated he hated Windows and would only use Open Source software. I told him I would make him a exeption (just to stop the anti Windows talk in the office) so, I asked him if Linux was ok? he said sure! (Kinda like he used it all the time)

I returned his client pc to him start showing him how to operate in the Windows network dealing with SharePoint and he kinda looked blankly at me. I asked him if he was understanding everything ok?

(What he said next it was very hard for me to keep a strait face) He said he used a Macbook and thought that OSX was Open Source

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hehe.. I'll be giggling about that for the next week. I openly advocate alternatives but I do like to see a fanboy from any camp step in his own sht.

The challenge on my wishlist is close to your story but from the other perspective. I'd love to have an empty second workstation issued and try to replicate all my daily functions on it. I expect the only things that would be a challenge are inferfacing with Exchange Server and building complicated spreadsheets outside of Excel. In the later case, I've been limited by schools favouring VB so all my overly complicated cell functions are layered VB functions which OOo only recognizes parts of when I checked last.

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anyone know what my comment was modded down for? I'm not questioning the comment mod process; I'm just curious to understand why as it seemed to be a very balanced opinion.

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