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Geek stuff, sci-fi... Technologists and investors gather at the two-day Singularity Summit in San Francisco to discuss the benefits and risks of advancing artificial intelligence--and what to do in the event that machines one day out-think humans.
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RE[2]: Human mind ---
by Gullible Jones on Tue 11th Sep 2007 03:42 UTC in reply to "RE: Human mind ---"
Gullible Jones
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PS. If there was a god and he/she created the universe, god would be utterly incompetent to create a race as volatile as humans..

Not necessarily, a godlike entity might create such a species as us as an experiment, or part of an experiment. It could be the godly equivalent of AI research: trying to find a species with the right characteristics to bootstrap itself to godhood. There's also no accounting for impulsiveness, perversity, or simple lack of morality.

Keep in mind as well that a truly godlike being wouldn't have to create us, but merely simulate us in its mind, along with a more or less limited universe. We wouldn't be able to tell the difference; some would say that there is no fundamental difference, when you get down to it, which leads to interesting questions about universes running on top of universes running on top of universes like a Rube Goldberg experiment in virtualization... But these things all involve multiplying entities far, far beyond necessity. There, I've invoked Occam's Razor. Hurray.

(And don't take the bit about bootstrapping to godhood seriously. Sin or not, hubris is a dangerous thing. ;) )

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