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X11, Window Managers "For the next round of Linux Releases (Ubuntu Gutsy, Fedora 8, OpenSuse 10.3, Mandriva 2008, etc.) Compiz Fusion should be installed by default in those releases and with the release date looming not far ahead the time is ripe to give you a preview of what to expect from the latest Compiz Fusion."
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I love it
by JCooper on Tue 11th Sep 2007 15:04 UTC
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I'm using whatever version is bundled with Gutsy and I have to say, I am in love with its features. My only complaint is the key combinations aren't easily discoverable or documented anywhere - more an Ubuntu fault I think.

The ring switcher, expo and virtual desktop switching effects all get "oohs" and "aaahhs" from casual onlookers. I think Compiz-Fusion will be responsible for a lot of new distribution users, purely because they will want the eye candy... the concerns of apps, data etc will come second to having the cool factor.

Considering it is only a 0.5.x release so far, I'm expecting great things from the project. I hope the Firefox title-bar redraw issues get fixed (well, I actually hope someone makes it easy for amateurs like me to install Epiphany-webkit once it's usable) .... the future is very bright for my beloved laptop ;)

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RE: I love it
by Vanders on Tue 11th Sep 2007 18:20 in reply to "I love it"
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The ring switcher, expo and virtual desktop switching effects all get "oohs" and "aaahhs" from casual onlookers.

Right, but apart from that: what does it actually do that is useful?

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RE[2]: I love it
by cyclops on Tue 11th Sep 2007 18:51 in reply to "RE: I love it"
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"Right, but apart from that: what does it actually do that is useful?"

Provides more screen estate; better navigation between applications; provides accessibility features like creating a more high contrast desktop; Zoom into an object those applications. The power of tabs added to every applications. Better desktop management in a multi-user environment. Attractive working environment. Small applications that report anything from system information to the weather. Better windows management that have only been available within an application ; tile etc. Preview of large application useful for checking whether batch job has finished. Real positive visual feedback to basic windows tasks, for minimize; active application; alerts.

...and this is of the top of my head.

This is ignoring all the potential applications like a *real* desktop analogy; none standard windows. Already applications are coming out that show how photos can be views sorted.

...but the bottom line is why the hell would you not want you windows to fold into a paper airplane and float away; simply because its attractive; fun; and a little exciting which is what computing should be about. If nothing else its looks modern.

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RE[2]: I love it
by flanque on Tue 11th Sep 2007 22:15 in reply to "RE: I love it"
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It looks neat, but so far I've found it objectively doesn't really offer any increased productivity.

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RE[2]: I love it
by Constantine XVI on Wed 12th Sep 2007 12:32 in reply to "RE: I love it"
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Alt-tabbing between windows is suddenly more useful when you can see what you're alt-tabbing to (Ring Switcher). Expo lets you easily juggle windows around your virtual desktops. And the window tabbing plugin makes it easy to group 20 windows you only use every now and then to 5 windows.

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