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X11, Window Managers "For the next round of Linux Releases (Ubuntu Gutsy, Fedora 8, OpenSuse 10.3, Mandriva 2008, etc.) Compiz Fusion should be installed by default in those releases and with the release date looming not far ahead the time is ripe to give you a preview of what to expect from the latest Compiz Fusion."
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by smitty on Tue 11th Sep 2007 16:49 UTC
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Maybe I'm old fashioned, but widgets seem more like a desktop feature than something that should be in a window manager like Compiz. Is the GNOME community behind this and if so, have they unofficially adopted Compiz or are they continuing work on their own compositing WM?

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RE: Widgets
by Hiev on Tue 11th Sep 2007 16:59 in reply to "Widgets"
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Compiz is Desktop Agnostic, I could use the same features in XFCE too or even KDE. I find better having a dedicated community working on this that have only some desktop developers working in an isolated way.

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RE[2]: Widgets
by renox on Tue 11th Sep 2007 19:36 in reply to "RE: Widgets"
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>Compiz is Desktop Agnostic,

Which is sometimes a problem: in Mandriva, Compiz activated the cube effect when your mouse was in the higher right corner, which is fine in Gnome which has a toolbar in the upper layer, but which sucks *a lot* with KDE: when you want to close a window, half the time the cube effect would activate..

Lack of integration/coordination between layers as usual in Linux.

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RE: Widgets
by SlackerJack on Tue 11th Sep 2007 19:07 in reply to "Widgets"
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Why bother when compiz was written with GNOME in mind from the start. I think it's a complete waste of time and resources working on one for a specific DE, KDE has it's own which has been the story with anything KDE anyway.

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RE: Widgets
by jadeshade on Tue 11th Sep 2007 21:09 in reply to "Widgets"
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to tell the truth, the widgets don't have anything to do with compiz. It has a 'widget layer' plugin which just provides the dashboard-esque effect of making widgets appears on screen, but you can use it for whatever you want (I'm using it with superkaramba). The fact that he compares compiz fusion to kde is really pretty annoying, especially considering that the widget layer plugin was from before the remerge. Also, what he said about how the teams reformed is incorrect - devs from both teams are working on plugins, the beryl core was scrapped, and some beryl coders are trying to figure out the 'right' way to do some of the core changes this time around. This means a more stable, less hackish 3d environment, but there are some features beryl had that compiz yet lacks, like temp unminimization/ having textures of unmapped windows.

So smitty, it's works out that you're correct. It's not that I'm not appreciative of lunapark's article, it's just that after all the drama that went into this, that he'd at least get some of the facts right.

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RE[2]: Widgets
by Vide on Tue 11th Sep 2007 21:26 in reply to "RE: Widgets"
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"having textures of unmapped windows. "

yuo mean the impossibility to have, for instance, the live preview of a window in the taskbar if the window is minimized and not just covered by other windows, don't you?
IIRC last time I checked, Aero as well suffers this problem (but maybe I'm wrong, tomorrow I'll check)

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