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GNU, GPL, Open Source Here is an interview with Richard Stallman about a range of free software topics including GPLv3 and comment on the Microsoft patent issue. Stallman has a go at Linus Torvalds even suggesting that if people want to keep their freedom they better not follow Torvalds. From the interview: "The fact that Torvalds says "open source" instead of "free software" shows where he is coming from. I wrote the GNU GPL to defend freedom for all users of all versions of a program. I developed version 3 to do that job better and protect against new threats. Torvalds says he rejects this goal; that's probably why he doesn't appreciate GPL version 3. I respect his right to express his views, even though I think they are foolish. However, if you don't want to lose your freedom, you had better not follow him."
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The Whining Guy
by ideasman42 on Wed 12th Sep 2007 13:04 UTC
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I have to say I really do respect RMS for going out on a limb all those years back and starting up the movement as well as writing some of the important code like GCC and emacs.

But he is not they guy to be talking to the masses, his tone is whiny and he always goes on about the GNU/linux issue when nobody but FSF really care (and Im sure many in the FSF dont care either).

(in general) A rock band gets known for their from front man, (even if the drummer writes all the songs), Its like this with "Linux" - just be happy its doing well and stop worrying about who gets what % of credit in the name.

sometimes I work on projects and don't get credit - I just take it on the chin and keep on trying to do good work. sometimes you get credit, sometimes you dont. but people don't like a sore looser even IF they are correct.

When I listen to his talks I don't feel inspired or positive. His gist seems to be - "Ages back software was great, then it went bad but we managed to start GNU, now its better but some people still dont agree with us so its not all that great..."

This leaves me feeling he's an irritating idealist that has stopped being a positive visionary, or perhaps he never was and should go back to writing code which he is obviously very good at.

Its such a pity his not using his position to help encourage groth in the FSF community by givime more up beat talks etc, or that he still does talks at all- Im sure the FSF can get others to spread their word in a way that is less down-beat.

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RE: The Whining Guy
by Kishe on Wed 12th Sep 2007 13:48 in reply to "The Whining Guy"
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Right on, Ideasman42!

I wish FSF would pick less zealous speaker who wouldn't try to rip the community in to cliques over peoples personal preferences.

Kernel stays GPLv2, linux keeps growing, code keeps flowing, life is let us keep moving on, thank you!

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