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Windows Sales of boxed copies of Windows Vista continue to significantly trail those of Windows XP during its early days, according to a soon-to-be-released report. Standalone unit sales of Vista at U.S. retail stores were down 59.7 percent compared with Windows XP, during each product's first six months on store shelves, according to NPD Group. In terms of revenue, sales are also down, but the drop has been less steep, at 41.5 percent.
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personal report
by Anacardo on Wed 12th Sep 2007 20:28 UTC
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Of the more than 60 professional computer users I know, only 3 have Vista. Of these three, every single one of them got Vista preinstalled with their newly purchased laptop. Of these guys, all three went back to Windows XP after some hard time trying to run the OS (Yes they even tried, one even resisted 3 months).
Therefore the report is definitely not surprising to me. What's surprising is that somebody decided to buy that operating system as a standalone box. Lucky me, I don't know any.

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RE: personal report
by TheDiver on Wed 12th Sep 2007 20:33 in reply to "personal report"
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I did buy Vista Ultimate 64 Bit, and it is a GREAT and very stable OS.

It is for sure better than any other OS i have tried, and i have tried OSX, Linux (both KDE and Gnome), and a lot of older OS'es.

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RE[2]: personal report
by mcduck on Wed 12th Sep 2007 20:37 in reply to "RE: personal report"
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Vista is a great OS. It's just out of the doors too early due to a problematic development (Switching codebase to w2k3), internal problems, and problems with XP and Office taking precious developers from the project.

Sadly, Vista will follow XP; It will need to mature "in the wild".

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RE[2]: personal report
by stestagg on Wed 12th Sep 2007 23:48 in reply to "RE: personal report"
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Tried installing Microsoft Visual Studio on it? Or Adobe Premiere? or Sibelius 4/5?

Of the small number of programs that I tried on Vista x64, All of the above have major problems.

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