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OSNews, Generic OSes Today, VMware announced that it has released a majority of its VMware Tools as open source software (GPLv2), part of the project Open Virtual Machine Tools. "The Open Virtual Machine Tools (open-vm-tools) are the open source implementation of VMware Tools. They are a set of guest operating system virtualization components that enhance performance and user experience of virtual machines."
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RE[3]: smells of coercion
by WiggetyWhack on Thu 13th Sep 2007 02:42 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: smells of coercion"
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Just because they use linux to setup an environment to boot their hyporvisor doesn't mean they have to give you the code to ESX. At most it means they have to dish out their bootstrapping code. It is quite easy to use linux to setup and boot DOS/BeOS/OpenStep/etc... but this by no means says that I have to give you the code to any of those OS's.

A derivative work is not "anything it touches"

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RE[4]: smells of coercion
by SReilly on Thu 13th Sep 2007 08:42 in reply to "RE[3]: smells of coercion"
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A derivative work is not "anything it touches"

I agree but your interpretation of the GPL has nothing to do with the argument. Nobody is saying VMWare needs to give me, or anybody else for that matter, they're whole product. If the ESX3 bootstrap is a derived work, than that code needs to be released under the GPL, period.

Your personal opinion is of no consequence here.

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