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Java "I recently gave a presentation at the Portland Java Users Group about Java FX. After talking to some of the fine members of PJUG I realize that there is a lot of confusion about JavaFX and JavaFX script. JavaFX Script is just one part of the larger JavaFX umbrella. In fact, you don't even have to use JavaFX Script to gain many of the benefits of JavaFX! This weblog posting is my attempt to clear up a few things and get you excited about the future of client Java. After reading it I hope you will come away with a better understanding of what JavaFX is and why we created it."
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add R3 to the equation in few months ...
by -pekr- on Thu 13th Sep 2007 07:30 UTC
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Well, developer excited by his toys, that happens. I used to be a developer, so I confess I am the same, who is not, after all? :-)

So, what is JavaFX? Guys got bored by all that cool object orientation? JavaFX gui definition looks simple, declarative. It almost looks, like JAVA guys looked into REBOL VID dialect, which is of course, not just static :-)

Guys wanted to add some scripting, without admitting, that scripting is cool in itself, right? :-)

The pity is, that Rebol Technologies did not have good marketing guy in the past, they would be rich already :-) Hopefully 700KB R3 will soon enough speak for itself, and show the world, that you don't need MBs size of JAVA to do cool stuff, which, in the end, does just the same for you ...

(PS: I know that I am kind of exagerrating, as surely JAVA itself contains many other usefull things REBOL is missing, I just could not help myself, because it seems to me, that computing world missed on simplicity in last 10 years, and guys are trying to fix it ... without redesign, by adding another layer :-) I hope that scripting languages in general, are the future ...

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