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General Development Recently, Free Pascal (FPC) version 2.2.0 was released. This open source Pascal compiler has - since its initial release in 1993 - grown to be one of the most sophisticated open source compilers available today. Daily, more programmers discover FPC and develop their applications in Object Pascal. Specifically, the development of Lazarus has contributed to this phenomenon: Lazarus is a graphical open source IDE for FPC, with an extensive tool kit to design graphical (GUI) applications.
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RE[6]: Lazarus
by ashigabou on Fri 14th Sep 2007 04:35 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Lazarus"
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"It's much worse with Qt4. Since Qt is done in C++ anyone using non-C++ has to use a "C-Wrapper" lib. This lib is directly dependant on specific version of Qt4 (4.0, 4.1 etc.) so redistribution is next to impossible without recompilation (typical linux world), or carrying your own qt/gtk libs."

C++ ABI is a PITA on linux, no question about it (I would say C++ is broken from a ABI point of view anyway). But otherwise, I don't get your problems: breaking glibc between gcc2 and 4 is really not a problem, they are like what, ten years different ? Also, binary incompatibility also arise on windows (I got a problem recently with file descriptor not being compatible between slightly different MS C runtime).

I tended to think that binary compatibility was the major problem on linux, but maybe the problem really is shared library:

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