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General Development As a system administrator, you run across numerous challenges and problems. Managing users, disk space, processes, devices, and backups can cause many system administrators to lose their hair, good humor, or sanity. Shell scripts can help, but they often have frustrating limitations. This is where a full-featured scripting language, such as Python, can turn a tedious task into an easy one. Python is a scripting language that looks like it was made for system administrators.
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>>I perfer scripts that run with native shells that do not require an interpreter (sh/ksh/csh) so I can use them in any systemz<<

But, other than sh, you can't always count on those shells being on any particular system. Especially if it's a windows box.

I used to have the same philosophy, until I started writing 10 line elegant Python scripts, that do more than I could do with 100 lines of clunky shell scripts.

Try Python with easygui, it's amazing. Within minutes you can be writing fairly powerful scripts with a gui interface. The learning curve is nothing.

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I have a few Windows boxes and they host for the most part well behaved applications, our interaction with them is minimal. Our challenges are working with Solaris and Linux using CLI only (no X allowed), but thanks for the tip though! It reminds me of using TCL/Tk.

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I recently rediscovered Rebol ( and giving it a good look over. It's not only able to run on multiple OSes but apps built with it also run on multiple OSes (a ton of them) without recoding.

It's as easy to work with as Python (or arguably moreso) for the beginner (but I'm still evaluating it from that standpoint). It also features built-in GUI (amazingly simple to implement and use) - so there's little need for external help.

The EasyGUI info you provided is great help - thanks! I'm trying to make a decision on a cross-platform scripting language after many years on Win-machines using single-OS only script languages (batches, 4dos, kixtart, Autohotkey, etc..). I'm still leaning heavily toward Python because I know just how easy to use and powerful this language is but this "new" Rebol kid is making it tough:-)

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