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AMD AMD started delivering on their word of providing GPU specifications to the open-source community without a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and now with the 2007 X Developer Summit having come to a close, we asked several key members of the X.Org community on how they judge AMD's recent move. They were also asked if they believe NVIDIA will follow suit in helping the open-source community. Those that responded were David Airlie, Daniel Stone, Jerome Glisse, Stephane Marchesin, and Oliver McFadden. Mark Shuttleworth had also previously commented on AMD's efforts.
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nVidia - never
by flywheel on Sun 16th Sep 2007 16:36 UTC
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Ati has opend up because of AMD, that has been increasingly involved in the Open Source world.
And ATi has been giving the open source world specs and code from time to time.

nVidia on the other hand is as closed as an east block country back in the days of the cold war. They don't even give 2D specs under NDA.

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