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Legal Microsoft suffered a stunning defeat on Monday when a European Union court backed a European Commission ruling that the US software giant illegally abused its market power to crush competitors. The European Union's second-highest court dismissed the company's appeal on all substantive points of the 2004 antitrustruling. The court said Microsoft, the world's largest software maker, was unjustified in tying new applications to its Windows operating system in a way that harmed consumer choice. The verdict, which may be appealed only on points of law and not of fact, could force Microsoft to change its business practices.
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NTFS is a partition file format so that's really outside the scope of "bundled applications" since it is an essencial part of the NT OS unlike notepad, IE and WMP which are user space programs not truly essential to booting the NT kernel and reading a drive.

Why is NTFS essential part of the NT OS when Windows can work using FAT, etc?

How about TTF fonts? Look, you and I can't sell our font collections that well cause Windows has TTF fonts already. Etc, etc. MS should be punished?

Who gets to say what's in scope and what's not? The truth is in the eye of the beholder, you know.

Should MS be punished because Vista has speech recognition? There are also third-party applications for that (DragonSpeak, for example) so, surely they suffer from Vista's new capabilities???

Etc, etc.

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