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AMD AMD announced plans to introduce a desktop PC processor with three cores in the first quarter of 2008. The three-core chip will carry the same Phenom brand name that AMD plans to attach to its quad-core desktop chips due to ship to PC companies by the end of this year.
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RE[2]: It's a smart idea.
by phoudoin on Wed 19th Sep 2007 12:21 UTC in reply to "RE: It's a smart idea."
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With two cores it is relatively easy for a developer to implement a concurrent algorithm that works correctly for two concurrent threads, yet fails miserably for three or more. In contrast, however, those algorithms which work for correctly for three threads almost always (a) work for any number of threads (subject to performance scalability issues), or (b) appear on their face to be specifically limited in the number of concurrent threads which are correctly supported.


Now the cost effectiveness for the customer of a 3 cores CPU vs a 4 cores remains to be seen, as we don't know yet how AMD will price this Phenom X3 and how it will compare with a Core2 Q6600 for example, which seem to be the best-seller Quad CPU this summer...

No doubt that the cost effectiveness for AMD of this Phenom X3 is real: X4 wafers cost will drop.

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RE[3]: It's a smart idea.
by Jondice on Wed 19th Sep 2007 19:59 in reply to "RE[2]: It's a smart idea."
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Am I missing something? If you want to catch bugs in a multithreaded app, can't you simply tune the number of threads being used and test it over a range of active threads? I don't know how you would throttle each thread, which you would probably want to do, but that would be a pretty cool feature.

/have only done a little concurrent programming

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