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Apple Columnist Bill Thompson at the BBC asks whether the time has come for Apple to be put under the EU microscope in the same way as Microsoft has. "If Apple was serious about building a music industry around downloads and digital devices then it would open up its devices and interfaces to allow greater innovation and greater competition."
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RE[2]: Missing The Point...
by LobalSurgery on Thu 20th Sep 2007 20:09 UTC in reply to "RE: Missing The Point..."
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The interoperability of downloaded music files and MP3 players has everything to do with DRM. If every legal download service offered songs in MP3 format, without DRM, wouldn't they play on every single player? Here, the blame lies firmly with the labels.

Apple is already selling a limited amount of songs without DRM (from only one label willing to try it so far). They cost more, track by track, but are the same price if you buy an entire album. It's a big step in the right direction, but if other labels don't follow then it'll have been nothing more than a cool experiment.

However, tying an iPod exclusively to iTunes is a valid complaint. They make much more money on the iPod you've already bought than the songs you might buy on the iTunes store: ~3.5 billion songs spread over 100 million iPods is only 35 songs per iPod (and of the $1 they get for each song, maybe $0.10 is profit). This shouldn't be as a big a deal to Apple as it appears to be.

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