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Apple Columnist Bill Thompson at the BBC asks whether the time has come for Apple to be put under the EU microscope in the same way as Microsoft has. "If Apple was serious about building a music industry around downloads and digital devices then it would open up its devices and interfaces to allow greater innovation and greater competition."
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RE[3]: Missing The Point...
by JrezIN on Fri 21st Sep 2007 01:08 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Missing The Point..."
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"Can use use an iPod to access WMA 10 media files from Microsoft?"

The very interesting thing about that question is:
If they wanted, Apple could just license WMx DRM into iPod (and by just supporting MTP, it could be used with WMP too like most of Digital Audio Players), but right now MS, and also any other manufacturer, could not support Apple's DRM.

Of course MS' DRM is bad as Apple's, but the point is really something to think about...
...reminds me the new Discovery's show: Most Evil.

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